24 Oct 2015

Queensland Swimming Pool Safety Facts

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From the 30th of November all regulated swimming pools must comply with the new swimming pool safety standards.


Register your pool – If you haven’t already, you need to register your pool. Failure to register your pool can result in fines of up to $2,356.00.

Does your pool comply – QBCC has plenty of information to assist pool owners in making their pool compliant.

Get a pool safety inspection – This is a requirement only when you are buying, selling or renting and a certificate is not already valid. Even though pool owners are not required to obtain a pool safety certificate, they still need to make sure their swimming pool barrier is compliant. Failure to do so may result in on the spot fines of up to $796.95, and further penalties up to $18,785.25 can be imposed on pool owners if their pool fence does not comply with the law.

Book an inspection today – Our swimming pool safety inspectors can assist you in making your pool barrier compliant. We are offering on-site consultations for $125.00. The inspector will meet with you and conduct a pool safety inspection. He will advise you if the barrier is complying or non-complying. If the pool barrier is non-complying the inspector will advise you of the rectifications needed to make complying.

If you are needing a swimming pool safety inspection contact our friendly staff on (07) 4939 560. Alternatively, you can visit us at Ross Building Group to book an inspection or make an enquiry.


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