Pest Inspections Yeppoon | Rockhampton | Surrounding Areas

Pest Inspections Yeppoon | Rockhampton | Surrounding Areas


A pest inspection is undertaken to detect wood destroying insects such as borers and termites (white ants) . Ross Building Group’s expert Pest Inspector carries out each pest inspection within accessible areas to determine the extent of damage (if any) that may be evident. Pest inspection reports provided also contain information on current and past infestation to a building.

Termites are destructive invaders that can rapidly damage and devalue your home. They can literally eat your home out from under you and once you see the evidence of their destruction its way too late. Damage caused by termites is not easy to see and that is why a pest inspection is highly recommended at the time of the building inspection.

In most cases termites are usually difficult to detect except for a trained professional. Left untreated, they can cause major structural damage. If treatment is completed late the structural damage still exists and replacement of the affected timber material is required.

Ross Building Group offers Pest Inspections Yeppoon and across the Capricorn Coast, as well as Rockhampton and Gladstone.

Once you have decided on a Pest Inspection the stages are pretty much the same as obtaining a Building Inspection. The only difference is the terms which are in the name of Propest Pest Management Services. Ross Building Group handle the majority of the pre inspection paperwork pertaining to pest inspections so the first point of contact is Ross Building Group.

Ross Building Group’s Pest Inspector Gary Sawley has over 20 year’s experience in the industry. Gary does a very thorough inspection and report. He also has a respectful list of clientele in the Central Queensland area. Not only does Gary do pest inspections but he can also provide pest management services.

Common Termite Damage

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  1. Hi

    We are purchasing a property (200sqm) in Yeppoon and require a building, pool and pest inspection to the property prior to settlement.

    The home is two story 200 sqm, can you please give us a quote for your service?

    We have a 21 day settlement and would appreciate your response ASAP.

    Kind regards
    Corinne Woodyard
    Mobile 0438 811 163


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